Do you want to obtain a radiocommunicationálicence? Would you like to reserve an individual number of the type 0900, 0800 or 0848, for example? Do you need addressing resources to offer telecommunication services? You can place an order for your products here.

Different licences can be ordered online, either for portable transmitter-receivers or various wireless installations, for amateur radio operators or for fixed satellites, among other things. In the radio sector, it is also possible to apply for a local VHF licence for radio covering a short-term event.

Individual numbers
Individual numbers are used to offer services in the following categories: freephone numbers (0800), shared-cost numbers (084x), business and marketing (0900), games and competitions (0901) and adult entertainment (0906).

Addressing resources
Telecommunications service providers must have available different numbers and codes to enable voice or data transmission. These addressing resources are managed by OFCOM.

Packet radio call sign
A packet radio station makes it possible to transmit digital data over wireless networks. A call sign enables each terminal to be uniquely identified. It consists of 6 positions, valid for Switzerland and chosen from the international series. It allows data to be transmitted on the radio frequencies for general use (CB).

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