Telecommunications service providers, some radio and television broadcasters and holders of PLB emergency locator beacons must register with OFCOM. They can do this online here.

Telecommunications service providers
Anyone providing a telecommunication service intended to transmit speech, data and radio or TV programme services is deemed to be a telecommunications service provider. They must notify OFCOM, which publishes their address and the list of services they offer.

Notification of a radio or television program service
Anyone wishing to broadcast a Swiss radio or television programme service who is not subject to licensing must notify OFCOM before starting broadcasting.

PLB (personal locator beacons) are for personal use and are intended to indicate a person in distress who is away from normal emergency services. To communicate with a PLB is not possible. To ensure that the emergency rescue chain can operate properly in an emergency, a PLB must be registered with OFCOM as a personal emergency transmitting device issued to the owner.

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