Anyone wishing to obtain a Short Range or Long Range certificate for pleasure boating, an inland waterways radio licence or an amateur radio operator's licence must take an examination. Registrations can be undertaken online.

Without further information, all exams will be held at OFCOM, Zukunftstr. 44, Biel/Bienne.

Registration for the examinations for maritime radiocommunications SRC and LRC
If you wish to use radiocommunication equipment for pleasure craft on the high seas, you must possess an operator's certificate, either limited (Short Range Certificate, SRC) or general (Long Range Certificate, LRC). If you already have an SRC certificate or a restricted radio operator's certificate (ROC), a complementary examination will enable you to obtain the LRC certificate.

Registration for the examination for the radiotelephone service on inland waterways
If you wish to use radio equipment on board a vessel on the Rhine or on inland waterways in Europe, you must possess a VHF radiotelephonist's certificate for radiocommunication on inland waterways.

Registration for the amateur radio licence exams
If you wish to use amateur radio equipment, you must possess a certificate of capacity. If you are holder of a novice amateur radio operator certificate you can announce yourselves with the exam to obtain the amateur radio operator certificate.

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