Do you want to identify the holder of an individual number of the type 0900, 0800 or 0848, for example? Would you like details about a telephone operator or an internet access provider? Are you looking for details of an addressing resource used in telecommunications? Are you searching for a call sign used by a CB operator? You can find the answers to your questions here.

Existing call signs (CB)
At the same time as the licence is granted, every CB user is allocated a unique call sign which enables them to be identified. You can search this page for existing CB call signs.

Tx (transmitter) - Online High-Low band inquiry for microwave radio sites
The fully automated inquiry is used at the planning stage to determine the Tx status of a microwave link radio site, by means of the coordinates and the desired frequency band

Individual numbers
These numbers are used to offer services in the following categories: freephone numbers (0800), shared-cost numbers (084x), personal numbers (0878), business and marketing (0900), games and competitions (0901) and adult entertainment (0906).

Addressing resources
Telecommunications service providers must have available different numbers and codes to enable voice or data transmission. These addressing resources are managed by OFCOM.

Telecommunications service providers
Anyone providing a telecommunication service intended to transmit speech, data and radio or TV programme services is deemed to be a telecommunications service provider. They must notify OFCOM, which publishes their address and the list of services they offer.

Radio or television programme services
On its website, OFCOM publishes the list of all radio and television stations which have registered or which hold a licence.

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