OFCOM Online - OFCOM's online services

This service, provided by the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM), provides options for companies and individuals to use the internet to

  • apply for an individual number (of type 0800, 0848 or 0900, for example),
  • apply for certain radiocommunication licences or for a short-term VHF licence,
  • notify telecommunication services and radio or television programme services,
  • to report cases of interference in relation to reception of radio or TV programme services or radiocommunications,
  • register for various radiocommunications or amateur radio operators' examination,
  • carry out searches of individual numbers, addressing resources, telecommunications service providers, callsigns used by CB enthusiasts,
  • inquire the High-Low band of Tx for microwave radio sites.

Once registered, users can also verify and modify their own data, if necessary.

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